Key Benefits

International standards

The cheque service is in line with international standards, technology, operating systems, and customer services.

Extra convenient

You can deposit cheques up to 90 days in advance using post-dated cheques. 

Highly secure and reliable

With imaged cheque clearing technology the service is effective, accurate and reliable.

Bangkok Bank’s Cheque Deposit Service

Run your business smoothly with Bangkok Bank’s international standard cheque deposit service

Cheque Deposits with Instant Results

We provide a cheque deposit service at Bangkok Bank branches from Monday-Friday before 4:00p.m., and the after-hours branches are open until 6:00p.m. from Monday-Friday. You can see the result of a drawn cheque on the same the day as the deposit. The bank will transfer a complete payment to your account periodically from 2:00-8:00p.m. without any additional charge. However, a drawn cheque must be valid according to the standard of the imaged cheque-clearing system. An account holder can always view the image of a drawn cheque via Bualuang-iBanking and Biz iBanking

Post-Dated Cheque Deposit Service
Bangkok Bank provides a service of post-dated cheque deposits for all types of cheque which allows you to deposit your cheques up to 90 days in advance.
Imaged Cheque Clearing

Our cheque service supports imaged cheque-clearing in line with the policy of the Bank of Thailand regarding using Imaged Cheque Clearing and Archive System (ICAS) to increase the efficiency and the speed of cheque clearing. This system is adopted for the convenience of Bangkok Bank customers who have Bualuang iBanking or Biz iBanking services. Click here for more information about viewing your drawn cheques online.

Inter Bank Cheque Deposit Service

You can deposit a cheque from all other commercial banks to your Bangkok Bank account every working day (Mon-Fri) from 8:30a.m.-3:30p.m. If you deposit a cheque before 2:00p.m.

* You will see the result of the cheque clearing on the next working day.

 *The time of clearing might be different for each province.
Cash Withdrawal with a Cheque in Different Branches (Cheque Cashing Service)

If you receive a Bangkok Bank chegue, you can simply show your ID card and the cheque to withdraw cash or deposit it to an account immediately without waiting for the cheque to clear or going to the issued branch. However, the account of a drawer must have enough money for payments, and it must not be a post-dated cheque.


Bank Branch

Date and Time of service

Maximum financial amount per cheque

- General branches
After-hour branches
Micro branches

Every day
according to the date and time of the branch

500,000 baht


Cash withdrawal from cheque       Fee/cheque
Same area                                         10 baht per ten thousand, minimum of 20 baht
Different areas                                  20 baht per ten thousand, minimum of 20 baht, and 20 baht/cheque for service charge

Returned Cheque and Prevention

An account holder should at all times ensure there are sufficient funds in the account for a cheque that has been drawn. You can prevent a returned cheque due to insufficient funds and payment refusal by using Bangkok Bank’s service of automatic money transfers from a savings account to a current account (Overdraft Protection). The Bank will charge the fee of 30 baht on the day the money is transferred.

For a returned cheque, a fee per cheque is stated as follows:

  • If an account does not have sufficient fund to make a payment/contact a drawer/no agreements with the Bank, Fee of 0.20% of the amount in the cheque, but not less than 300 baht per cheque will be charged.
  • In the case of drawing a cheque from the amount which has a printed-awaiting clearing Fee of 200 baht will be charged.

You can prevent a returned cheque by scheduling the transfer from your Bangkok Bank savings account to a current account via Bualuang iBanking and Biz-iBanking.