Bank in confidence with our improved security upgrades!

To enhance security for Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking, Bangkok Bank has increased the level of security in the application in the following ways.

  1. Added facial recognition for the following transactions via mobile banking effective from May 2023 onwards.
  • Transfer to others via Account No./PromptPay/QR code or top up PromptPay/G-Wallet for these conditions:
    • A transaction of 50,000 baht or more
    • A transaction which pushes the daily accumulated transfer amount to reach 200,000 baht. This applies for each instance that the total accumulated transfer amount passes 200,000 baht.
  • Increase the daily transfer or payment limit in the application.

To ensure your verification with facial recognition goes smoothly, please bring identification documents to update your latest personal information and take a facial photo at any Bangkok Bank branch nationwide from today onwards.

Thai citizens
Citizen ID card

Passbook and identification documents such as Passport / Non Thai Identification Card / Unregistered Person Card / Resident Certificate and House Registration, etc.

  1. Decreased default transfer, payment and top up limits from 200,000 baht/day to 50,000 baht/day to minimize risk. However, the customer can increase their personal limits in the application. (Click here to learn how to adjust personal limits)

How to turn off accessibility mode

Turn off your smartphone's accessibility mode to prevent scammers from using its features to install malware and hack your banking apps

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