Key Benefits

7-year premium payment

receive life coverage until a policy anniversary when the Insured reaches 89 years of age.

Receive a cash coupon at the end of every policy year for 9% or 10%

Receive a cash coupon at the end of every policy year for 9% or 10% of the sum assured1 and receive 789% of the sum assured when reaching maturity

Provide death benefits during the policy period

The benefit starts at 100% of the sum assured and increases 100% for every policy year to a maximum 789% of the sum assured from the 7th policy year onward.

Easy to apply

No health examination and no health questionnaire


1From the end of the first policy year to the end of the policy year after the Insured reaches the age of 88. Cash coupon amount depends on the sum assured purchased by the Insured.

2The Company will pay an accidental death benefit in the same amount of the death benefit from the basic plan.

Additional Information

Coverage and benefits



1.If no death occurs during the policy period

1.1 Cash coupon

While the Insured remains alive, the Company will pay cash coupons as follows:

Sum assured (baht)

                 Cash coupon       

(of sum assured amount)

100,000– 999,999


1,000,000 – 10,000,000


The Company will pay a cash coupon from the end of the first policy year to the end of the policy year after the Insured reaches the age of 88. 

If the policy status is changed to RPU or ETI, the Insured will not receive a cash coupon as mentioned above.

1.2 Maturity benefit

The Company will pay 789% of the sum assured if the Insured is alive at the date of maturity.

2. If death occurs during the policy period

2.1 If the Insured dies

The Company will pay benefits in whichever amount is greater between:

  • Sum assured,

Policy year

Amount of the sum assured













7 onward



  • Cash surrender value, or
  • 101% of total premium paid that the Company has received minus the amount of total coupon fees paid by the Company (if any). 

In the case that the sum assured is decreased while the policy is in force, premiums and cash coupons prior to the decrease in their sum assured will be reduced in the same proportion.

If the Insured dies during the policy year, the Company will        calculate the premiums based on a full year premium.

2.2 If the Insured dies due to an accident*

The Company will pay accidental death benefits from the Accidental Death Benefit rider (ADB) equal to 100% of the death benefit amount in addition to the death benefit.


Before the benefit is paid out, if the Insured has any outstanding liabilities, the Company has the right to deduct the liabilities from the amount of the payout benefit.

Notes *The Insured is injured due to an accident and dies from an injury sustained in that accident within 180 days from the date the accident occurs.
Insurable age: 15 days – 60 years
Coverage period: Until the age of 89
Premium payment period: 7 years
Sum assured amount: 100,000 baht – 999,999 baht
For cash coupon 9% of sum assured amount, or
1,000,000 baht – 10,000,000 baht
For cash coupon 10% of sum assured amount

Payment mode: Annually / Semi–annually / Quarterly / Monthly
Rider attachment: Not applicable for other riders
Premium rates

Standard insurance premium rates per sum assured of 1,000 baht the age of 15 days to 60 years (depending on gender, age of the insured, and payment mode)


Annual premium rates (baht)


Female/ male

849 - 999


Estimated calculation of premium payment mode

  • Semi-annually = Annual premium rate x 0.51
  • Quarterly = Annual premium rate x 0.27
  • Monthly = Annual premium rate x 0.09

How to apply
Seek consultation and advice for life insurance planning by contacting Bangkok Bank branches that offer this service, or call 1333
AIA Company Limited Tel. (66) 0 2353 8855
  • Be Together Infinite 789 is the marketing name of BBL Exclusive 789 or BBL Exclusive Plus 789 attached with AIA Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) rider 2023d.
  • If the premium is paid monthly, the first payment will include an advance payment of two months.
  • Insurance premiums are tax-deductible as specified by the Revenue Department on Income Tax.
  • Life insurance is not a bank deposit. If you terminate your policy early, you may receive returns less than the premiums paid, subject to the time of policy surrender.
  • The applicant is advised to study the details and product information in the sales illustration before deciding to buy insurance. After receiving the policy, the Insured is advised to study the terms and conditions in the policy contract.
  • Bangkok Bank is a life insurance broker, acting as an agent between customers and AIA Company Limited. AIA Company Limited conditions apply to insurance underwriting.
  • The applicant has the duty to provide true information in applying for insurance. Any concealment of truth or declaration of false statements may cause the insurance company to cancel the insurance contract or refuse to pay the claims under the insurance contract.
  • Terms and conditions of coverage will be specified in the policy issued to the policyholder.
  • The English version is an unofficial translation of the original Thai version for reference only and has no legal binding as the protective control.

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