Life & Invest: For Future Planning and Investment

Be Together Unit Linked
(Single Premium)

Unit linked life insurance plan. Pave the way for the future. A new alternative way to offer the benefits of life insurance coverage and the investment opportunities.

Family Love: For Your Beloved Family

Be Together Legacy

Safeguard your legacy for your loved ones.

Healthy Life: For Your Health

Be Together Care

Get peace of mind with comprehensive care for all your needs including coverage for critical illnesses.
List of Branches offering AIA Life Insurance

Assured by AIA Company Limited


  • Life insurance premiums are tax-deductible in line with the Revenue Department conditions.
  • Life insurance is not a bank deposit. In the event of early redemption, customers may receive returns less than the paid premiums, depending on the date the early redemption is made.
  • The insured should read and study the terms and conditions carefully before deciding to buy insurance. Please ensure you read the details and terms and conditions of the policy contract you received.
  • Bangkok Bank is a life insurance broker, acting as an agent between customers and AIA Company Limited. AIA Company Limited conditions apply to insurance approval.
  • Health declaration is one of the factors for the underwriting process and consideration of benefit payment.
  • Benefits and conditions are as specified in the insurance policy.