Special Promotion

Waiver of last year premium when applying for “Be Together Care” (20-year payment period)
from July 1, 2020 - September 30, 2020

Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion is applicable only for the Be Together Care (20-year payment period) life insurance policy.
  • Only new policies applied for and approved from July 1, 2020 - September 30, 2020 are eligible.
  • The Insured can choose to make premium payment on a yearly, semi-yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis.
  • The Insured will receive a waiver of last year premium, if they consecutively paid the policy premiums and never exercised the following options:
    • Renewal of lapsed policy
    • Conversion to a reduced paid-up policy
    • Conversion to an extended-term policy
    • Surrender of policy
    • Change of policy plan
  • For the maximum amount of coverage for a critical illness rider, the Company will approve coverage based on the Insured’s annual income. The Company reserves the right to request for additional financial statements for consideration or reduce the amount of coverage of the rider.
  • The Insured will receive a memorandum, with an endorsement on a waiver on premium payment for the last policy year, which specify conditions of benefits attached with the insurance policy.
  • Policies that meet the criteria and conditions of this promotion will have premiums waived for the last policy year. Such waivers will not affect all benefits under the policy as the Insured is deemed to have made full premium payment.

Key Benefits


Provide lifetime insurance coverage for critical illnesses (until the age of 99*)

Critical Illnesses Coverage

Cover early-stage and intermediate-stage critical illnesses for 18 diseases/treatments; and severe-stage critical illnesses for 44 diseases/ treatments


Choose premium payment period of 10 or 20 years. Constant premiums throughout the contract. Receive cash surrender value

Tax Benefits

Life insurance premiums are tax-deductible in line with the Revenue Department conditions**

*Critical illnesses covered until the age of 99 exclude:

  • Critical illnesses for juveniles from the age of 1 month to 16 including Rheumatic fever with heart conditions, Kawasaki disease with heart complications, Type I Diabetes (Insulin dependent), and Acquired Hydrocephalus requiring an external shunt
  • Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson’s diseases, until turning 80
  • Loss of independent living, from the age of 17 until turning 70
  • Total permanent disability:
    • Unable to perform independently 3 or more daily living activities and totally incapable of working or engaging in any work or any occupation whatsoever for remuneration or profit, covered from the age of 17 until turning 70
    • Loss of 2 limbs, covered from the age of 1 month until turning 70

Some of the key exclusions:

  • Symptoms or critical illnesses which occurred prior to the contract date or reinstatement date, whichever is later
  • Suicide or self-inflicted harm
  • HIV positive infections or conditions of AIDS
The Bank will provide you with more details before you apply for life insurance coverage.

**Life insurance premiums of up to 100,000 baht are deductible against personal income tax according to the conditions of Thailand Revenue Department (notification 172). Critical illness insurance premiums of up to 15,000 baht that meet the conditions of the Revenue Department (notification 315) are deductible against personal income tax. In the event that the taxpayer claims a deduction for both life insurance and health insurance premiums, the total deductions must not exceed 100,000 baht.
Protection and Benefits



1. Critical illnesses coverage
    1.1 Early-to-intermediate stage

Receive 20% of the sum assured. This is payable for only one critical illness (only 1 time) and the policy is enforced if the insured continues making premium payments.

    1.2 Severe-stage or
2. Life coverage or
3. Maturity

Receive 100% of the sum assured less any early-stage critical illness benefits that the insured received previously. The policy will be terminated immediately.

Total benefit is 100% of the sum assured.

The waiting period is 60 days during which this product will not cover any critical illnesses or related illnesses. Such a waiting period starts from the policy effective date or reinstatement date, whichever is later.

Critical Illnesses Coverage
  • Insurable age: 1 month - 65 years
  • Coverage period: Whole life (until the age of 99)
  • Premium payment period: 10 or 20 years
  • Sum assured: 200,000-15,000,000 baht (maximum of 5,000,000 baht for non-income groups i.e. juveniles, students, housewives, stay-at-home dads, retirees)
  • Payment mode: Annual / semi-annual / quarterly / monthly
Premium Rates
Standard premium rates per sum assured of 1,000 baht for the age of 1 month - 65 years (depending on gender, age and mode of premium payment)

Premium Payment Period

Annual Premium Rates (baht)



10 years

36.28 - 135.32

39.39 - 163.79

20 years

20.42 - 96.58

22.20 - 128.52

Discounts are applicable for a premium payment period of 10 years with a sum assured of one million baht or more, or for a premium payment period of 20 years with a sum assured of 500,000 baht or more. (Premium-rate discounts are based on the premium payment period and the sum assured.)
How to apply
Contact Bangkok Bank branches that offer this service for life-insurance planning advice, or call Bualuang Phone 1333, or visit www.bangkokbank.com

AIA Company Limited Tel. (66) 0 2353 8855, www.aia.co.th
Assured by AIA Company Limited


  • Be Together Care is the marketing name of AIA CI SuperCare (non-participating).
  • In the event of monthly payments, 2 months of premiums must be paid for the first payment.
  • Life insurance premiums are tax-deductible in line with the Revenue Department conditions.
  • Life insurance is not a bank deposit. In the event of early redemption, customers may receive returns less than the paid premiums, depending on the date the early redemption is made.
  • The insured should read and study the terms and conditions carefully before deciding to buy insurance. Please ensure you read the details and terms and conditions of the policy contract you received.
  • Bangkok Bank is a life insurance broker, acting as an agent between customers and AIA Company Limited. AIA Company Limited conditions apply to insurance approval.
  • Health declaration is one of the factors for the underwriting process and consideration of benefit payment.
  • Benefits and conditions are as specified in the insurance policy.


We are ready to help you.


We are ready to help you.