Western Union Money Transfer

Worldwide money transfers within minutes


You can use Bangkok Bank's Western Union money transfer service via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking, Bualuang iBanking, Bualuang Western Union RING, branches and FX booths.


You can get your money within minutes at the FX booths or It can be transferred directly into your bank account.


Send or receive money anywhere in the world.
No need to have a bank account

Send Money at Branch/FX Booth

  • Fill in a “To Send Money” form at any Bangkok Bank outlet displaying a Western Union sign.
  • Present the completed form, the money you wish to transfer and any applicable transfer fees, as well as your photo ID and supporting documents.
  • Pay and keep your receipt and the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) for your reference.
  • Provide the receiver with the essential transfer details, including the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), your name, the country the money is being sent from, and the total amount of funds to be transferred.
  • Additional Information

    • Do I need a bank account to send money via Western Union?
      No, you do not need a bank account to send money via Bangkok Bank’s Western Union Money Transfer service. Simply bring your photo ID, documents related to the purpose of the funds transfer and complete the “To Send Money” form at a Bangkok Bank Western Union counter.

    • What will I need to send money?
      In compliance with Bank of Thailand regulations, you will need to show your valid identification card or passport and documents related to the purpose of funds transfer (if the transfer is more than USD10,000).

    • How much money can I send?
      You can send up to USD10,000 or the equivalent amount in another currency per transaction, per day.

    • What do I need to do to collect my money?
      Visit a Bangkok Bank counter with the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), the full name of the sender, the country the money was sent from, the amount you are expecting and your valid photo ID.

    • Are there any fees to send or receive money?
      There is no fee to receive the money. Fees to send money vary depending upon the transfer amount and destination country.

    • I need to collect my money. Where is my nearest Bangkok Bank Western Union counter?
      You can collect your money at any Bangkok Bank branch or currency exchange booth with Western Union signage anywhere in the country.

    • Can I receive my money in USD?
      Sorry, you can only receive cash in baht, as per Western Union’s restrictions.

    • Can Bangkok Bank automatically transfer this money into a Bangkok Bank account?
      Sorry, due to Western Union restrictions, this can’t be done. However, you can collect the cash and make a deposit at any Bangkok Bank branch counter or at a Cash Deposit Machine.

    • What is the most I can receive in a day?
      There is no maximum amount that can be received each day via Western Union.

    • How long does the money transfer take?
      Approximately 15 minutes.

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