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Bangkok Bank joins Yanhee Hospital to continue opening blood donation units throughout the year in celebration of its 80th anniversary as part of its “8 million cc x 2” project to increase blood reserves for Thai Red Cross Society and emphasize its role as a “trusted partner” for society

Bangkok Bank won 3 awards from The Asian Banker emphasizing its position as a ‘leading regional financial institution’.

Bangkok Bank Board of Directors, Executives and Employees present a vase of flowers and sign blessings for Her Majesty Queen Suthida Bajrasudhabimalalakshana

Bangkok Bank Credit Card joins Central Restaurants Group to launch “Happy with Delicious Japanese Meals at CRG Restaurants” promotion to please Japan lovers by offering special discounts and 15% cash back as well as a chance to win a wonderful trip to Japan and gift vouchers with a total value over 1.5 million baht – starting today at 7 Japanese restaurants in CRG with over 180 branches.

Bangkok Bank contributes to the fundraising of 2024 Ananda Mahidol Day Commemorative Pins

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