Open e-Savings Account

Open e-Savings account via the app – Convenient for all top-ups, transfers, payments and investments

Open Foreign Currency e-Savings Account

Open FCD e-Savings account via the app - Convenient for all savings, transfers and investments

Add Accounts

Add your own accounts i.e. deposit, credit card, mutual fund or bond and loan

Request Account Statement

Request account statement which will provide your transaction history up to 12 months and be sent to your email registered with Mobile Banking within one hour

Check Account Activity

Check your account balance i.e. deposit, debit / credit card, mutual fund or bond and view details of each activity

Credit / Debit Card

Credit Card

Activate your credit card, view your card account activity, check your rewards points, view your available credit or suspend credit card

Debit Card

Request and activate for your debit card. Also, select your preferred spending limit per day via our app

Transfer / Payment / Top up / Withdraw


Easy transfers via shortcuts and select to transfer from “My account” , “Other accounts” , “PromptPay” or “mBanking mobile phone no.”


Easy to scan to pay. Reduce transaction steps without having to enter your mobile PIN when the amount is within your daily limit up to 5,000 baht/day


Pay your bills more easily than ever. Find and select payees from logos, top payees or categories

Top up

Top up faster via shortcuts and select payee to top up mobile phone or Easy Pass and top up using e-Wallet number and much more

Cardless Withdrawal

Withdraw money from ATM with no card. Just create withdrawal and go to Bualuang ATM near you and scan QR Code using our app

Withdrawal at Banking Agent

Withdraw money easily. Just create pending withdrawal and scan QR Code / Barcode via Mobile Banking then make the transaction at the Banking Agent near you.

International Banking Services

Foreign Currency Transfer (Own account)

Transfer funds between your Thai baht account and your FCD account easily. Simply add Foreign currency deposit account.

International Funds Transfer via Mobile Banking

Make your international funds transfer easy and convenient with 17 currencies for 124 countries

PromptPay International Funds Transfer

Send funds from Thailand to Singapore easily, using the recipient’s mobile phone number registered with PayNow

Western Union

Register for Western Union service and receive or send money within minutes

Cross-Border QR Payment

A new dimension for overseas spending with QR Payment that will make your next trip easier, more convenient and secure

International Funds Transfer Limits

How to check / change your daily international funds transfer limits via the app


Mutual Funds

Open mutual fund account, buy/sell/switch investment units, subscribe to DCA, perform the Assessments, download mutual fund e-statement

Government Bonds

Open government bond account, add government bond account, purchase available government bonds


Create subscriber profile and subscribe to available corporate debentures / common stocks / IFF / REITs conveniently

Securities Trading Account

Expand investment opportunities, seek good returns and receive privileges by opening an account with Bualuang Securities


Add Accounts

Add your own home loan account, view account details and make a repayment via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking 

Give Consent

Never miss any tax-deductible privileges! Just give consent to the Bank to send mortgage interest information to the Revenue Department

Other Services

Travel Insurance

Buy your preferred insurance to cover your overseas trips 24/7


View your transaction history and select a transaction you would like to repeat

Rabbit LINE Pay

Log in with your LINE account to check and top up your Rabbit LINE Pay balance and view BTS trip history


Donate money to temples, hospitals, and other charitable organizations and receive tax deduction 


Send and receive requests via PromptPay for convenient money transfers


Get account activity, payment, and security alerts via 3 channels, SMS, Push Notification and e-mail

Services Registration


Register for PromptPay to receive money with your Citizen ID or mobile phone number

mBanking Mobile No.

Transfer and receive money between Bualuang mBanking users by mobile phone number

App Settings

Change Mobile Number, Email / Mobile Device

How to change new mobile number , Email and easily re-activate your Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking on your new mobile device


Manage your favorites. Access and edit frequent transactions at your fingertips

Forgot / Change Mobile PIN

How to unlock or change your Mobile PIN if you forgot or need to create your new PIN

Personal Limits

How to check / change your daily transfer and payment limits via the app


Personalize your app settings i.e. set up Touch / Face ID or Finger Print or enable auto save slip

Device Management

Delete devices which are no longer used

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